Carry Cases

Motorola Original cases make sure the audio of your two-way radio comes through loud and clear.

Motorola carrying accessories for two-way radios are designed to provide comfort and convenience with a choice of belt clips, holsters, lanyards, radio holders, t-straps, waterproof bags and more.


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Durable leather or nylon carry cases keep your radio and battery securely in place while permitting ..
This product is a Nylon Carry Case with Belt Loop and D-Rings. ..
This nylon carrying case with belt loop is for use with NiCd, NiMH, and Li-ion batteries. The bel..
This product is a Nylon Carrying Case with Belt Loop and Strap for use with high and ultra high c..
Nylon Carry Case with Belt Loop and Strap for use with high and ultra-high capacity batteries. ..
This plastic carry holster with swivel belt clip accommodates a portable radio and battery. The l..
This product is a Lightweight Carry Holster that provides convenient means for carrying the radio..
This product is a Soft Leather Carrying Case with fixed swivel clip (Non Keypad) ..
This product is a Soft Leather Case with Fixed Swivel Clip and D-Rings. This product is for EX600..
This product is a Heavy-duty belt clip for extra durability. ..
This is a Swivel Belt Loop for Hard Leather Case. Compatible with PMLN4742 case. ..
Convenient, lightweight carry holder for SL Series radios. Swivel belt clip allows you to adjust ..
Sturdy hard-plastic case with a belt clip designed to support the APX 7000 Dual Display portable...