Receive-Only Hardhat Mount Headset

Receive-Only Hardhat Mount Headset
Brand: Motorola Solutions
Model: RMN4054
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A hardhat style headset for high-noise environments where users must hear information clearly, but seldom need to transmit. Dual-muff headsets feature easily replaceable earseals filled with a liquid and foam combination to provide excellent protection from outside noise as well as comfort. This headset connects to the following Remote Speaker Microphones: AAHMN9053, RMN5035, RMN5036, RMN5075, RMN5076, PMMN4021. For CSA-approved operation, connect this headset to the PMMN4050 Remote Speaker Microphone.


Style: Dual Muff

Noise Reduction Ratio: 22db
Receive Method: Dual Muff
Receive Only: Yes
Hearing Protection: Yes
Ruggedized: Yes

Intrinsic Safety Standard: FM, CSA